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Brodie’s Law #4 & #5

Posted: Monday, February 14, 2005
By: James Redington

Story: Daley Osiyemi & David Bircham
Writer: Alan Grant
Artist: David Bircham

Publisher: Pulp Theatre Entertainment

Jack Brodie, hard ass. Tough nut. Framed. On the run. His Ex-wife and the mother of his son murdered. His son kidnapped by the men after Jack. Jack is also wanted by the police. An old friend, Harry Wade, a detective is hunting him down. It hasn’t been a good week for Mr. Brodie.

Jack discovers that the disc he has stolen contains a formula for a new weapon, PM13. Jack kidnaps an ex-employee of the company developing the weapon. They join forces and they unlock the secret of the weapon. The power to morph into the image of another human. Jack uses it on himself, a last ditch gamble to win back his son and clear his name…

Brodie’s Law #4:

“I feel more dead than alive”

Brodie has taken another man’s flesh. Morphed into another man’s shape, but what he didn’t expect was to think and feel like the other man too!

Oh yes! Finally we are getting to the good part, actually it has all been good, but finally seeing the “What would the law mean, if every day had a different face” in action has pushed this series through the roof.

It’s good to see the repercussions of using a “super” power. How something like this is a gift and also a curse. It’s done in style too. As I mentioned in previous reviews, artist David Bircham just seems to be getting better with each issue. The art flows much better, and Bircham appears more comfortable with the various characters showing different emotions. The pages are also better laid out and easier to follow. They have more substance to them along with the style of the previous issues. As far as I know, Bircham started his career working for 2000AD. You can see that style of work in his art, but this comic is something very different.

Brodie’s Law # 5:

[Issue #5 won't ship until the last week of February.]

our “hero” suffers, haunted by the feelings and memories of the people he has been. Using PM13 is messing Jack up, but Jack being Jack can’t stop until he has his son back. I hope for the sake of the men who have his son, that the boy is still alive. Because of who Jack has become he now has feelings of killing his own wife: that is messed up and makes the character even better.

In this issue Jack morphs into a woman, Suzie Miller, who has “deals” going on with the men behind the Jack's frame up. Things really hit the fan as Jack discovers being a woman isn’t all chocolates and roses. Again, what sets this book apart is how much time is spent in Jack’s head. Without Jack's commentary throughout the series this would just be an extremely good looking comic with lots of action. It the character of Jack and his internal struggles that makes for continued reading. Artist David Bircham is one to watch for sure. I would love to see his take on some existing characters like Superman, Batman, The Hulk – you know the big guys. It would make for some interesting viewing that is for sure. I used this phrase in my last review, “his art is very street.” What I meant by this is that some of the pages look and feel like graffiti that you would see on the walls of city which really adds to the atmosphere of the "under belly" of London setting; you know, you see it but you don’t take much notice of it, like the dirty deals in London.


This is a story of a hard boiled gangster. It's a film noir piece with a twist of super powered proportions. Set in the backdrop of a gritty London, and with the darkness of London’s underground brought into the light. This is good stuff, guys. If you are not buying this, why not?

Don’t think for a second it is not worth your money because this series has been one of my pleasures for the last year of comics. It's gritty, action packed and emotional. The 6th issue really has a lot to live up to.

The team behind the series have told me that there will be a trade coming out soon. If you can’t find the previous issues, wait for the trade. I think together this will make one hell of ride. You can check out more of Brodie’s Law at its website where you can even buy the issues you need!

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