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Promethea #32

Posted: Saturday, February 26, 2005
By: Shawn Hill

“Wrap Party”

Writer: Alan Moore
Artist: JH Williams III

Publisher: ABC Comics

Our heroine floats around naked in a pastel world while intoning a disconcertingly cheery and elaborate goodbye.

What’s interesting:
Uh, boobies? That Promethea is happy? More information on the occult? Pretty colors?

Not so interesting:
Frankly, once Promethea sat on her throne/hearth and started pontificating, I lost interest in the character. She ossified two issues ago (i.e. six months or more). She who had once been so active and confounding to such a wide variety of foes had been reduced to the old crone sitting by the fire, but everything she was telling us we already knew, and what about all those characters whose lives she’d touched, or that wacky not-quite-New-York she lived in?

I liked some of the psychedelia of the last few issues, but honestly skimmed over Moore’s denser, narrational prose. As I’m doing to this issue, probably for some years to come. It’s been so long since the last issue, I’m not quite sure if everyone got closure and if things were wrapped up nicely or not. I have a vague feeling that they were, but it’s an itchy, unsatisfied one.

This issue is all coda, but it’s well-nigh illegible with no black lines on the page. To top that off, several pages are upside down and it only all makes sense if you disassemble the book and make a huge poster out of it. And the instructions for re-assembly are where? No thanks.

Final Word:
This issue is the equivalent of an emcee hustling the fans out of the auditorium after the show. The character’s done all she’s going to do, the fat lady has sung, and though she said many interesting things, they’re not recaptured in this hazy farewell. I enjoyed every step of the way up and through the Kabala, which I thought Moore turned to full storytelling advantage. But I prefer my Promethea fighting, not talking, and thus find some consolation in how good Wonder Woman is again (which wasn’t the case when this book began, some seven years ago). As Heidi Klum would so efficiently say: You’re out! Auf Wiedersehen!

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