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.303 #3

Posted: Monday, February 28, 2005
By: Rob Irwin

"Afghanistan's Plains" (Chapter Three)

Writer: Garth Ennis
Artists: Jacen Burrows (p & i), Greg Waller (colors)

Publisher: Avatar

Plot: The contents of a crashed aircraft are recovered, briefly, by an American retrival team before the sole survivor of a Russian team, also sent to retrieve the contents, fights back. Hooking up with the sole survivor of a British team also sent to the site, the Russian discovers what everyone has just spent the past three issues dying for - and it's not much.

Comments: This is a pivotal issue of .303. Not only is it the issue where we learn what was inside the crashed aircraft that had the Americans, British and Russians so intrigued and at each other's throats, but it also ends with the still yet to be named Russian Spetsnaz Colonel marching off into the distance with only a .303 rifle on his shoulder - the image of him we began Issue One with.

I have a feeling this book could get very, very political in the next few issues. We already know that the Russian is walking to America (from Afghanistan to boot!) and has no intentions of losing his .303 rifle as he seemingly wants to shoot someone with it and no mere "ghetto-bought machine-pistol" will suffice. Who is this person?

On one level, it could be as simple as the government personnel fingered by the contents of the crashed aircraft - people who are already drawing-up the rebuilding of Iraq, Syria, Iran and North Korea (the last three countries supposedly after they are bombed/invaded/liberated in the future). On another level, is Ennis going to up the ante and have the Russian take a shot at the President himself? The mind boggles, really.

Final Word: This is the most intriguing comic I am reading at present. Not only because of the plot itself, but reading outside the book and seeing comments from Garth Ennis along the lines of not being sure where the storyline was sometimes taking him during the writing process. This book is either heading for greatness or a very messy and confused ending.

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