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Samurai: Heaven and Earth #3

Posted: Monday, March 14, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Ron marz
Artists: Luke Ross, Jason Keith (colors)

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Asukai Shiro has followed the Arab slave trader that holds his lover captive to Paris, France. Shrio is accosted by racist locals. When he fights back, three musketeers engage Shiro in a swordfight. Heís ultimately arrested and taken to the Bastille. Hope seems to come in the form of Don Miguel, ambassador of Spain, looking for a bodyguard. But he has plans of his own for our hero.

When we first see Shiro in France, the people look as though they came from an 18th Century painting. Their faces are soft and misshapen, muddied colors obscure their features. Shiro looks as strong and definite as ever. This look continues to be applied to the peasants and buildings when the sharply-drawn musketeers show up. This is a very difficult thing to pull off. Itís no mere ďtrickĒ; itís a deliberate act on the parts of the artists and colorist to convey a subtle feeling of time and place, as well as contrasting alien cultures. Well done.

The entire issue is filled with sharp dialogue, painful longing, manipulations, humor, love, conspiracy, and a rare sword fight in a comic book.

Really, thereís no reason not to buy this comic. Unless, of course, your shop has run out. Then go online and buy more!

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