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Romance and Coffee #1

Posted: Thursday, March 24, 2005
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Publisher: Angry Bret Comics
Price: $2.99
Creator, Artist, Writer: Bret Michael Hodson
Contact Information: Email:

Comments: Toss away your American Splendor, I found a comic book that is the semi-autobiography of the author, that outshines American Splendor! Bret lost 2 years of his life, 24 months, and in this comic book you will see how! 24 months of Bret's life summed up to 24 pages of heartache, misery, turmoil and later solitude. Bret tells his heart wrenching story about L.B.W. You must guess what L.B.W. stands for, it's the initials of a female that entered Bret's life. I will tell you that L stands for "lying' and the rest of the words you must guess. Use your imagination!

Anyway, it tells how they met. L.B.W. is described as a low budget Bridget Fonda and a poor man's Jennifer Aniston. There is this psychic that tells Bret and L.B.W. that they will hook up and live a life of eternal bliss. L.B.W. and Bret get wild for the first time on Bret's mom's bed. You will learn in this one comic book why women are from Venus and men are from Mars. L.B.W. and Bret do not think alike, but one thing keeps them afloat and that's intimacy. Bret when meeting L.B.W. is torn between two women, but comes to the agreement that both women have nice behinds. Bret tells how partying with L.B.W. leads to his arrest for a D.U.I. This is when Bret embraces his dark side or comes to terms with his dark side. You decide. It comes down to tempting fate and Bret feels like he is being influenced by L.B.W. She has an angelic face and is the eater of souls.

At one point of the story L.B.W. goes against Bret's own mom. L.B.W. is more threatening verbally than the Incredible Hulk! There are alternate endings to this sad scenario that will have you busting up with laughter at some of the incidents that occur. You want to jump into the comic book and stop Bret from taking some wrong paths in his life with L.B.W. Yes, alternate endings to stop the grief, to stop the agony, to stop the misery. L.B.W. at some point of the relationship even files a restraining order against Bret and in one verbal struggle L.B.W.'s brother gets in the way and gets clobbered by Bret, making Bret look like the bad guy. Bret comes out as the anti-hero of this story and you will come to terms with Bret's dilemma. You will even enjoy the "tasty snacky bitch cakes!" This comic book has black and white artwork that is done with simple clarity. It's an enjoyable read that will have you salivating for more and remember it's a true story!!

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