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Y: The Last Man #32

Posted: Tuesday, April 19, 2005
By: Jason Cornwell

"Girl on Girl, Chapter One"

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artists: Goran Sudzuka (p), Jose Marzan Jr. (i)

Publisher: DC Comics/Vertigo

Plot: When Yorick's attempt to stowaway aboard the cargo vessel heading to Japan fails, Yorick and company are brought before the vessel's captain, who while quite surprised to encounter a living male looks to be more than willing to help them out in any way she can as she's fully behind any attempt to bring men back to the planet. As Yorick settles back to enjoy the rest of the trip, Doctor Mann and Agent 355 share an unexpected moment together. However, this voyage is not going to be exactly problem free, as one of the crew has a disturbing secret.

Comments: First off, the way that Yorick's presence is discovered by the ship's crew is a very funny sequence that perfectly captures the character of Yorick, as I loved the little bit where he steps all over Agent 355's attempt to keep the crew from discovering what she was doing in the cargo hold. The issue also introduces a new character to the mix as Yorick finds himself a kindred spirit in the ship's captain, and I rather enjoyed the fact that while a romance does surface in this issue so far it would appear that Brian K. Vaughan is not going to have Yorick become romantically entangled with every available woman that he encounters. In fact, the scenes between Yorick and the captain nicely play up the idea that she and Yorick were simply enjoying spending time together thanks to the simple fact that they both share the same rather obscure interests. Now it's entirely possible that something more might develop, but so far this plot thread entertainingly keeps their interaction as simple friendship. There's also a cute little bit where Yorick discovers that there's an amusing difference between male and female chimpanzees. As for the romantic entanglement that I made mention of earlier, I'm not quite sure what to make of it, as while it's certainly a surprise, I'm not quite sure where this development is going to take us, as I would hated to see this book get bogged down in relationship angst. Still, I trust in Brian K. Vaughan's ability as a writer that he won't allow the book's charm get buried under plot devices that one would normally find in the afternoon soaps. In any event the last page creates the sense that the arc is going to offer up some pretty exciting conflict as Yorick has attracted the attention of yet another mysterious group.

While Goran Sudzuka has a style that is a little less detailed than the work of the regular artist, his work does make for a pretty close match from a purely artistic sensibility, and as such, all the various cast members are easily recognizable. The art also does solidly presents the action, as Agent 355's efforts to keep the crew from discovering Yorick were nicely done, and this sequence also has itself a cute reveal moment as Yorick's hiding spot is discovered. The art also nicely conveys the facial expressions, as I loved Yorick's face when the captain moves toward him with her sword drawn, and his face when he makes uncover an unexpected surprise in her DVD collection made me smile. In fact, the only really quibble that I have with the art on this issue is that while that cover image is quite eye-catching, it made Yorick look a little too perfect, which kind of misses the point when it comes to the character. I mean Yorick's not supposed to look like a soap opera star/model, and as such this cover felt a bit off for me.

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