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Flaming Carrot Comics #2 (#34)

Posted: Friday, April 22, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer/Artist: Bob Burden

Publisher: Image/Desperado
Price: $3.50 USD

The Carrot’s origin and character is described inside the front cover, just like in issue #1. This looks like a regular feature, and I like it! The first page summarizes everything that’s going to happen in the comic except the ending.

So what do you get for $3.50? The morning after. The advantages and disadvantages of owning a zombie. Michael Moore in a dog suit. The Soccer mom gang. Flaming Carrot firing whole tubes of baloney. Spankings. A free vacuum cleaner. A two-headed pop star. Jealousy. Exploding liverwurst. “Shakespeare man! Yah ha ha!” A giant ear made of French bread with wheels. A zombie chained to a liquor cabinet popping up at the worst time. Cat fight. Jumping from a helicopter. The truth about Pigmies. Flaming Carrot’s inspirational call for a new culture. An epilogue. And Secrets of The Carrot.

This is brilliant stupidity. This is straightforward action with deeper levels of non-significance. This is truly surreal art. And it’s got hot chicks. Flaming Carrot couldn’t be better if it was in color. In fact, color might take away from the earthy, grimy feel of this world. The series takes place in a strange version of reality. Yet it’s not completely unfamiliar. The Carrot is not dominated by logic, reason, or any concrete set of values. He is a strange creature living from moment to moment. The fact he’s so successful and heroic is proof he lives in a chaotic world. I could spend hours reading into the literary significance of the story, or I can just enjoy the silly action and hot chicks.

Very few comics successfully work on both of those levels.

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