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The Question #6

Posted: Monday, May 2, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Rick Veitch
Artist: Tommy Lee Edwards
Publisher: DC Comics

The Question puts an end to the Subterraneans, blocks the Chi energy of the Science Spire, reveals the final fate of the Psychopomp, and even helps Lois Lane with her story.

During the fight, The Question seems to perform a kind of astral projection. His mind moves through the Chi field like a ghost. Itís a bit of a stretch for an otherwise gritty detective hero. We also learn the Psychopomp has been dead since issue #1. And frankly, I donít think Superman should be so lenient with a vigilante that kills. Thatís why the ending loses a few points.

The overall story, however, is still fantastic. Veitch re-energizes a cult character and takes him in a new direction. Edwardsís art is stylish, sharp, and beautiful. I know he canít draw like this on a monthly basis, but Iíd love to see him do more comic books. Itís a pity this book hasnít sold better; itís a leading contender for Best Mini-Series of 2005.

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