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Day of Vengeance #1

Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2005
By: Shawn Hill

ďOne Last Drink at the End of TimeĒ

Writer: Willingham
Artists: Justiniano and Wong

Publisher: DC

Plot: Finally something interesting happens to Jean Loring, and it looks like The Enchantress and various other neglected DC mystics might get some spotlight time in coping with a raving mad Spectre.

Comments: Willingham is a fun writer with a nastily cynical sense of humor. Justiniano is an artist whose fluid shorthand recalls Willinghamís own expressive art. Both seem to get stuck on B-list projects at DC (backup stories for Willingham, Beast Boy and Flamebird for Justiniano), but this is one Iím primed for.

I like the concept of the mystical bar that can only be accessed by adepts, and itís fun to see the ragtag mob gathered in fear of Spectreís wrath. Not quite sure what Animal Man is doing there (didnít Buddy gain his powers from aliens, not magic?), or how anyone turned the Phantom Stranger into a frog, but Ragman and Enchantress are interesting focal characters, and DCís mystic world needs to be both more than Vertigo and more than Zatanna again.

Not gonna talk about the talking chimp, though.

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