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Age of Apocalypse #6

Posted: Friday, May 6, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Akira Yoshida
Artists: Chris Bachalo (p), Irwin, Leisten, Mndoza, Olazaba, Sowd, and Vey (i)

Publisher: Marvel

The only thing worse than a bad comic is a bad comic thatís late.

Age of Apocalypse #6 concludes the continuing story of an alternate timeline that should never have existed. Through a LOT of exposition, we learn who really stopped the nuclear bombs. An X-Man is killed, Magneto goes to jail, and the remaining team members renew their dedication to protecting humanity from evil mutants.

Iíve defended Chris Bachaloís art style in the past. It has an odd, edgy look that works under the right circumstances. This story isnít one of them. In fact, any traditional superhero comic, with the fighting, fast-paced action, and the needing to know where the characters are relative to one another, should not be drawn by Bachalo. His work is so cluttered, you donít know what the hellís going on! The best parts of this book were the talking heads. The art is such a mess that I didnít even know Quicksilver died.

The story is a great big recap. All the questions are answered by Sinister. Jean Grey is back from the dead with the power to preserve reality. [sarcasm]What a shocker.[end/sarcasm] This mini-series could have been shorter; the parts with the Guthrie family went on for too long. I donít see this comic being significant by any standard. All it does is reestablish the presence of the "AoA" timeline. That might matter if Marvel publishes more stories about this world.

If they do, Iíd like to see more creativity; more exploration of the possibilities raised by these conditions. What happened to Captain Americaís body, never discovered in this world? What about the humans who escaped into space in "X-Universe"? What will humans distrustful of mutants do in a world protected by mutants? Weíve seen the Inhuman nation decimated by Apocalypse and Maximus. Did Atlantis and Lemuria survive? Hereís one: In this world, the X-Men never went into space and fought the Brood. As a result, the Brood conquered and assimilated the Shiíar empire. (See "Tales from the AoA: Sinister Bloodlines.") Could the Brood be conquering other alien races? Since there are no Avengers in the AoA timeline, did the Skrull and Kree fight each other to extinction? Unite against the Brood? Lost to the Brood? Is the Kree Supreme Intelligence aware of Earthlings and their ďdestiny forceĒ?

Honestly, thereís a lot you could do with the concept. Almost anything would be more interesting and better drawn than this!

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