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Forbidden #0

Posted: Wednesday, May 11, 2005
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Samuel Vera
Artists: Annibal Arroyo, Vera(c)
Publisher: Crazeecomics

The story to Forbidden banks on a scifi staple, but it does so in an intriguing fantasy setting with good, strong dialogue from the characters.

The characters themselves are fascinating if not likeable. The two protagonists thanks to one scene appear to be more like anti-heroes, yet the strength in the writing makes them more than mere two-dimensional monsters in human form. Normally, such a scene would turn me off a book, but something in the writing created a sense of plausible desperation, and the artwork merely reinforces the idea of an alien world with unusual social mores. This does not excuse the characters' actions but does make them more understandable.

A later scene on a small scale mimics the previous climactic potential deal-breaker. It however banks on a more sympathetic character carrying out the deed, but the writers through dialogue that carries the words of a nasty, self-serving personality also wisely draw sympathy away from the receiver of punishment. This perhaps in hindsight sets into motion some questions for the reader. If the characters in the previous scene were as morally indefensible as this character perhaps such action while unjustified is a little easier to swallow.

The artwork is mostly decent with a good grasp of anatomy, done in a sharp, angular style, and detail that enhances rather than distracts from the tale. The background given the world is fairly amorphous. So, it's difficult to tell how in that respect the future issues will play.

This issue of Forbidden however does a solid job in introducing the main players, the world in which they live and a reason for readers to care what will happen to the characters.

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