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Freedom Force #4

Posted: Friday, May 13, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Eric Dieter
Artist: Tom Scioli

Publisher: Image

Ah, Freedom Force! It’s like a comics meatloaf! Not fine cuisine by any standard, but it fills you up, gives a body what it needs, and tastes better with ketchup.

This issue has everything you don’t see in most comics: A cover that depicts action relevant to the story, two pages of readers' letters, a story that moves along at a quick pace, and a self-assured woman with no visible psychological problems. We also get a villain who destroys buildings that offend his artistic sensibilities. His giant robots unleash criticisms with their destruction. The alien Domain appear to invade, but in fact are trying to save Earth from an even more evil villain! This new villain, The Timemaster, proceeds with his plans for world domination using... a pan flute? I knew those things were evil!

Freedom Force is a fun comic. Better still, you don’t have to turn off your brain to enjoy it. Classic comic book clichés and characters are revived, altered, and turned a little to the left. What appears to be parody is really homage. It doesn’t make fun of old comics but rather reminds us why those comics were fun. I always look forward to next issue of Freedom Force.

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