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JLA: Classified #7

Posted: Monday, May 23, 2005
By: Shaun Manning

Writers: Keith Giffen and J.M. Dematteis
Artist: Kevin Maguire (p), Joe Rubenstein (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Gone, Gone, the JLA!
Into the pits of hell.
With Booster Gold to save the day,
This adventure won’t end well.

Guy Gardner, armed with yellow band,
And Power Girl with fists,
Fight through the hordes of Satan’s land,
And with Etrigan match wits.

Can they save a long-lost friend?
Will they get out of this fix?
Can readers laugh, knowing then
Beetle will soon get nixed?

Keith and Marc hit all their notes,
With this cast they’re known to adore;
Though some of the notes are rendered sour
By DC’s events cleaning store.

Sue is dead, Blue Beetle’s been shot,
And wisecracking Max is a villain,
No one quite knows what’s in Guy’s pot
But is taking a guess a good plan?

This dire episode for a crew
Normally known for its humor
Suggest the dark side of the DCU
Continues to spread like a rumor.

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