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Cable & Deadpool #15

Posted: Friday, May 27, 2005
By: Jason Cornwell

"Enema of the State, Part One: Killer Clowns"

Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Artists: Patrick Zircher (p), UDON's M3th (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Plot: Deadpool tries to free the world of its deadly clown infestation, but he's been captured and programmed to go after Cable. His mission to kill Cable though is complicated by the fact that Cable is currently missing. With the help of Forge, Deadpool is able to use the body-slide connection to make himself part of a dimension hopping rescue mission with Cannonball and Siryn. Deadpool gets sent to a grim future where Cable is one of the four horsemen of the villain Apocalypse.

Comments: Deadpool gets the opportunity to play with a couple of well worn comic book plot devices, as he heads out on a dimension hopping adventure to locate the missing Cable, and he's joined by a pair of guest-stars. Now of course this being Deadpool most of the entertainment value comes from his reactions to these familiar plot elements, as how can one not love the fact that Deadpool decides to leave before Forge can finish the dire speech about the dangers of the trip he's about to take? Or his smile inducing, fourth wall breaching speech when he's confronted by Archangel? The running gag that involves Deadpool's spin on Sam's code-name also made me laugh, with the opening back and forth that results from Deadpool's mistake being a very funny contrasting of their two personalities. The issue also opens with a pretty cute little sequence where Deadpool battles an army of clowns. I loved the fact that the reason for this battle is never explained, as Deadpool's opening anti-clown rant is so funny that any other explanation wouldn't have been nearly as much fun. Of course the follow up scene where Deadpool is being programmed by the sinister villain was also quite funny, as the mask of evil is quickly replaced by one of frustration when Deadpool labels clowns as the greatest threat to humanity. Most of all though as a long-time fan of the New Mutants/X-Force, I'm delighted to see Fabian Nicieza has brought in a pair of characters from that series to join Deadpool on this adventure. Deadpool is always best when he has a straight man to bounce his gags off of. If nothing else, Sam proves to be perfectly suited to the role of Deadpool's increasing annoyed ally. Plus, it's also nice to see Fabian Nicieza doesn't forget that Deadpool and Siryn have a history together, as this issue nicely plays up the idea that she is one of the only people in the Marvel Universe who actually understands him, and actually seems to enjoy spending time with him.

Patrick Zircher turns in yet another solid issue with clean, yet highly detailed work that manages to effectively sell the visual aspects of the book's humour. How can one not smile at the parade of amusing background visuals that are offered up on the opening double-page spread as Deadpool does battle with an army of clowns? The art also does some nice work on the scene where the villain struggles to program Deadpool, as how can one not love his expression when he tries to steer Deadpool toward the conclusion that he's looking for? The art also plays up well the more serious elements of the story. There's a pretty solid establishing shot of the nightmarish future that Deadpool ends up in, and the final page also effectively sells the idea that Deadpool's in quite a bit of danger, though the writing steals some of this scene's thunder with Deadpool's issue ending comment. Pretty impressive cover image as well, as I loved the "eat pie" patch.

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