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Emo Boy #1

Posted: Monday, June 6, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer/Artist: Steve Emond

Publisher: Slave Labor Graphics
Price: $2.95 USD

It’s the adventures of Emo Boy, a teenager who’s emo sometimes explodes with unpredictable results. In this issue, Emo Boy kisses a girl for the first time, and blows her head off. He turns it into a really sad song. Later, Emo does the interview scene from Magnolia and references Tom Selleck.

If this comic did anything, it was finally teach me the meaning of emo. It means being filled with every emotion at once, feeling them all so intensely, you enter a spiral of despair, longing, weltzmarcht, elitism, and self-loathing. This translates into being a whiny prick.

Emond takes emo to a ridiculous extreme. But emo itself is so ridiculous, it’s practically self-parody. What we have is a comic about a quiet awkward teen whose deep feelings don’t connect with his life. It looks like a self-published comic, with heavy ink lines, sketchy backgrounds, and few details. The style reminded me of a flash cartoon.

Overall, Emo Boy is an interesting distraction. The final story shows artistic improvement over the first. Hopefully Emond’s work will continue to improve. The concept of a boy’s emotions producing an uncontrollable force could be interpreted as a metaphor for puberty. More likely, it’ll be played for weird laughs.

I wonder if we’ll see “Goth Girl,” “Metal Boy,” or the aged “Acid Rock Man”?

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