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Marvel Adventures #1

Posted: Monday, June 27, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Reprinting stories from:

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #1
W: Kitty Fross
P: Patrick Scherberger
I: Norman Lee
Adapted from ‘Amazing Fantasy’ #15 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #1
W: Akira Yoshida
P: Carlo Pagulayan
I: Jeffery Huet

With Marvel’s new flip-books for the mass market getting so much press, I thought I’d check one out for myself. ‘Marvel Adventures’ just came out in shops this week. I never read either of the comic it reprints so I thought I’d give it a look.

The Spider-Man story is basically a retelling of the original origin from ‘Amazing Fantasy’. Ed Sullivan was replaced by David Letterman, and the Parker house from the movie inspired the house here, but it’s really the same story. (Though now that I think about it, what was a burglar trying to steal in a TV studio?) Scherberger’s art looks very similar to that of Humberto Ramos, though not as angular or stylized. It should appeal to young kids. To me and you, there’s nothing new here.

I think the ‘Fantastic Four’ story is the better of the two. Maybe it’s because it’s an original story. Four kids trick their way into the Baxter Building. But their reasons aren’t as malevolent as you’d think. Reed and Sue Richards find a peaceful resolution that naturally a scientist and a mother would think of. Along the way, we get fighting, teamwork, and friendly banter. The costumes look like the ‘Ultimate FF’, but this could easily take place in the Marvel U. Akira Yoshida also wrote the recent ‘Age of Apocalypse’ mini-series. This is clearly superior. It’s has better characterization, tighter focus, and a more organized plot. Pagulayan and Huet reminded me of Greg Land and, again, ‘Ultimate Fantastic Four’. I think they’d be a good fit on that title.

In addition to the two stories we also get a page advertising other Marvel flip-books and other Marvel U series. Considering this comic is aimed at new readers under 13, maybe ‘Daredevil’, ‘Wolverine’, and ‘House of M’ shouldn’t be mentioned. My copy also has a Magneto card for the Vs. trading card game. Remember the ‘House of M’ art of Magneto resembling the King of Spain? Same image redrawn by Dan Panosian.

Overall, this is a decent package. Kids get a great story, a retold classic story, and a free trading card. $4 might seem a little steep, but you get two full-length comics for that price. Can’t find a deal like that today. I might pick up the ‘Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four’ if they keep telling original stories.

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