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Last Hero Standing #5

Posted: Saturday, July 2, 2005
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Tom DeFalco
Artists: Pat Oliffe(p), Scott Koblish(finished art), Digital Rainbow's Rob Ro(c)
Publisher: Marvel

If you're going to send a character out, this is the way to do it. I'll not say who dies in Last Hero Standing, but he or she gets a brilliant send off that he or she deserves. This valiant tribute is not however the only good thing about the book.

The art by Pat Oliffe, Scott Koblish and colorist Rob Ro consistently provides dynamic super-heroics and all within the sphere of plausible anatomy. The subtle artistic tricks such as Loki's invisibility and the gleaming ending are carried off with pure talent. Everything looks correct, at times beautiful and eschews flashiness.

While characterization tends to go missing during these stories, Tom DeFalco surpasses previous experiments into whole-shebangs by keeping the heroes of the Marvel Continuity in character. Once again you can see how off they might sound due to Loki's mischief. Thus, Nova sounds like himself as soon as he's released from Loki's spell, and the reader can tell the difference.

Heroes not under Loki's influence still resonate and carry out ever so cool moments. This issue DeFalco directs a superb example of Mayday Parker's growth as the hero Spider-Girl in which she makes a decision that changes the odds.

The conclusion to Last Hero Standing makes sense! Yes! We got one! We got one! This is the first Marvel mini-series that maintained a rationale, came in on time and offered an above average level of excitement. It also made sense from issue one to this final issue. I'm so happy!

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