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Seven Soldiers of Victory: The Guardian #3

Posted: Friday, July 15, 2005
By: Ray Tate

"Siege at Century Hollow

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artists: Cameron Stewart, Moose Baumann(c)

Publisher: DC Comics

This is the least impressive issue of The Manhattan Guardian, but Morrison's writing still excels that to be found in over ninety percent of comic books waiting on the racks.

What you usually expect from Morrison is ten to thirty ideas in one panel in a melange with references to history, fiction, movies and folklore. His allusions this week aren't very clever.

"Siege at Century Hollow" pays tribute to Westworld, and that's about it. Morrison tries to disguise the sci-fi classic with a class warfare metaphor as well as a battle between the sexes, but he doesn't really succeed on either front.

In the tale, the cuckolded husband sabotages the Morrison version of Westworld to get even with his brainy, attractive wife who according to him sleeps with the machines behind his back; a sexual aspect to robotics suggested by Westworld and its underrated sequel Futureworld. Morrison juxtaposes this theme with the breakup between the Guardian and his girlfriend--whom he rescued last issue. Bit ungrateful of her you ask me.

The best moment of the issue comes in the form of the Newsboy Legion parachuting to the Guardian's rescue in a way reminiscent of the scene in which junior Blue Blazer Scooter and his father Casper Lindley rescued Buckaroo Banzai from the Black Lectroids. The rest is kind of hum-drum for Morrison.

Cameron Stewart's artwork and Moose Baumann's colors of course are always a boon--especially during the action sequences and the aftermath, respectively. Though on occasion Stewart uses too heavy an ink this time around.

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