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Devil's Keeper #1

Posted: Friday, July 15, 2005
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Breakdowns: Mike S. Miller.
Finishers: Carlos Paul, Rafael Dantas(i), Lynx Studio(c)

Publisher: Alias

Devil's Keeper is a mix of Highlander and Bruce Lee films. It could have been worse, and it is pretty. Mr. Miller's major crime in Devil's Keeper isn't the mix and match of previous shows and cinema but the failure to sustain a coherent narrative.

The book opens with father and son tracking down a something to a Church--I suppose this is where the book distinguishes itself from Highlander; fighting on holy ground was forbidden. There's a good melee with a mix of supernatural and chopsocky, but then we break for a text poem. Wha?

We come back to the past. Huh? This must be Mr. Miller's nod to Kung-Fu where David Carradine's character must have smoked opium every episode since he had just as many flashbacks.

We then cut to the present. Yow! Wait, I left my liver behind. Here a modern day sensi teaches a painful lesson to a youngster in a modern day dojo. Confusion not Confucian wisdom sets in.

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