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Billy the Kidís Old Timey Oddities #1 (of 4)

Posted: Monday, July 18, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer/Creator: Eric Powell
Artist: Kyle Hotz

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Price: $2.99

Billy the Kid fakes his death and goes into hiding. Heís found by Fineas Sproule, a ďhuman spiderĒ and owner of a traveling human oddities show. He wants Billy to help retrieve a jewel called The Golemís Heart. Legend says it once animated a Golem, is cursed with evil, and more valuable than anyone can imagine. The Heart is currently in the possession of Dr. Frankenstein. (You can see where this is going.)

Iíve liked Kyle Hotzís artwork on Marvelís The Hood and Man-Thing mini-series. He conveys the sense of unearthliness horror comics need. At the same time, he shows great cartooning skills injecting humor into otherwise grotesque scenes. Hotz can draw comedy and horror like a mixing of Joe Orlando and Hilary Barta.

Powell writes Billy the Kid as a complete jerk. Think Bruce Campbell without the charm. Sproule displays a charm and sophistication seemingly at odds with his condition and livelihood. Most of the cast show personalities ranging from the tragic to the tender to the raucous. The sudden appearance of Sprouleís rival sets up a villain and reveals Sprouleís less than honest side. In short, itís a great set-up to an exciting and weird adventure.

And yes, I know this book is a few months old, but I only just got it this week. Iím still going to buy the rest of the story. Yeah, itís that good.

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