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Damn Nation #2 & #3

Posted: Friday, July 22, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Andrew Cosby
Artist: Jason Alexander

Publisher: Dark Horse
Price: $2.99 USD each

Itís 28 Days Later, in the United States, with vampires.

Damn Nation is the story of Col. John Cole, Special Forces, and his attempt to rescue people from a deadly infection in the USA. A virus has devastated the country, turning people into albino vampire-like creatures. Coleís team has joined a British team to rescue a doctor thatís found a cure for the virus. But betrayal dooms Cole and his charges to a slow death.

This book suffers the same problem as most painted comics: clarity. Itís difficult to tell whatís going on. I lost track of the characters at several points. It didnít matter though: only Cole and two others live longer than 1 issue. The coloring is very murky, obscuring peopleís faces and clothes. An important part of survival-horror stories is developing an attachment to characters you know are doomed. Between the art and the thin story, that never happens.

The story is little more than a means to move Cole and his charges from one deadly situation into another. When his team is wiped out, a group of Canadians arrive to provide a timely rescue. Right away, you know theyíre going to die. I wish the story had lasted longer. The ending sets up a plot twist that makes the ďinfectedĒ more dangerous. I also found the last issue to be the better of the two. The joking among the Canadians humanized the characters, thus lending their deaths some impact.

Damn Nation has too much killing, not enough people. Iíll keep an eye out for a sequel. Issue #3 gives me hope that Cosby can craft characters and an emotional plot. I do suggest finding another artist; someone with experience telling stories visually.

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