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Supernatural Law First Amendment Issue

Posted: Saturday, July 23, 2005
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artist: Batton Lash
Publisher: Exhibit A Press

Batton Lash for a good cause concocts a clever metaphor that really should be used in courts of law to show how so obviously unconstitutional are attacks on freedom of speech and expression. Lash does not make this lesson hard to swallow. You'll find no clunky dialogue, uninteresting characters nor a plot that stays on the soapbox.

While this is a special issue of Supernatural Law, Lash perhaps because of the themes in the series does not treat it as such. Instead, he just does what he always does to present an entertaining, fun-filled read that imagines odd situations still covered by the law.

Lash creates a hip talking plaintiff that pokes some fun and acknowledges a seventies movement in comic books. He naturally finds himself in the offices of Wolff & Byrd the Councilors of the Macabre. Artistically nothing in Lash's treatment changes. His crisp, clean lines are nicely framed in the panels, and he keeps the characters on model with their characteristic subtle body language.

Lash keeps the tone light, bouncy and absurd until the very end where the most shocking scene unfolds. Lash depicts the logical conclusion in the counter argument, an argument that has precedence in the extremism depicted by some Anti-Abortionists, homophobes and the Ku Klux Klowns.

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