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Blackpool #1

Posted: Tuesday, August 9, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Jonathan Helland
Artist: Terrell Bobbett, Nelson Blake (colors)

Publisher: Phenomenon Comics
Price: $2.95 USD

Annabelle MacAleister has had nightmares about her own death since she was 7 years old. Last night she dreamt she was sacrificed by an evil cult. This morning a young man was found dead with the same wounds. Itís a dark sign for the start of a new school year at Dunsany College in Blackpool, Vermont. Something in the lake is stirring. And Annabelle, Damian Crow, and officer Sanchez are being drawn into its secrets.

The art looks a lot like J. Scott Campbell, with elements of Todd (Young Justice) Nauck and Nick (Army of Darkness) Bradshaw. Itís normally a light, humorous style. Here it helps emphasize the charactersí humanity and emotions. Iíd call it cartooning with drama. There are a couple of pages where the art is too dark to see in low light. Itís like a layer of light black was added to the panels. It also makes the black-and-red word balloons hard to read. I put this down to a printing error, until I realized most of these scenes take place at night. This effect is found in one panel, but not on the entire page. I believe colorist Nelson Blake wanted to convey nighttime darkness. I suggest he use a lighter shade of black or grey.

The story is starting slowly. This is a horror/suspense series, after all. Weíre just getting a taste of the mysteries and secrets surrounding the cast. Itís interesting enough to follow for a second issue, but still too early to make any certain judgments. I can say thereís a lot of potential for the story, and I hope the creators do not disappoint.

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