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Ultimate Fantastic Four #22

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2005
By: Shawn Hill

ďCrossover: Part 2Ē

Writer: Mark Millar
Artists: Greg Land and Matt Ryan

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Plot: Reed has answered an invitation to visit a parallel universe. Sadly, itís full of zombies. Metahuman zombies.

Comments: This is just pure silly dumb fun. Itís a relatively tame Mark Millar, just going through a very high-concept scenario almost by rote. What if the Marvel Universe Ö. were zombies? 28 Days After House of M? There may be some meta-commentary here if we all try hard, but letís not bother. Itís Mark Millar, the writer whose bad ideas are so big they often entertain despite themselves. Hereís another one.

Millar must be credited with fueling a lot of what makes the Ultimate universe a real alternative to the regular one. His X-men werenít good, but they were showy. His Ultimates arenít that deep, but they are powerful, and thereís even an intermittent political subtext. And while his FF is a step down from Ellisís inimitable style, darn if itís not a passable read thus far.

Art-wise: Land tones down the cheesecake (sexy zombies? Only for very specific, short scenes, please, if at all. See The Shining). These ugly muggers are just hungry, and Land finds a way to have fun with their powers even as Millarís script requires the direst of scenarios. Millarís rationale for Magneto being a champion of humans in this dark world makes at least as much sense as any of the motivations Bendis has been forcing on the Avengers lately. He plays fast and loose with how rational, mindless, slow or fast the zombie-heroes are (surely all these factors must be
defined in every zombie story, and quickly). And is that initial carrier/invader meant to be a version of the Sentry? Or someone even more familiar?

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