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Seven Soldiers: Klarion the Witch Boy #3

Posted: Monday, August 22, 2005
By: John Hays

“The Deviant Ones”

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Frazer Irving

Publisher: DC Comics

Mister Melmoth, leader of a strange group of boys and all-around mysterious man, discusses the history of Klarion’s village with a group of…mysterious men. Meanwhile, Klarion gets a firsthand view of these boys (and girl) as they create general mayhem on their way to retrieve something for Mister Melmoth. The group’s leader, Billy Beezer, starts looking at Klarion with a jealous eye, assuming that this new recruit will want to take over once Billy becomes old enough to move on to Mister Melmoth’s “Team Red.” However, Billy has a big surprise ahead of him involving this new group, and it’s up to Klarion to save the day.

Putting Grant Morrison’s writing aside for a moment, which is no easy task, Frazer Irving is consistently providing some of the most fascinating and beautiful artwork I’ve seen in a comic in years. Now combine that with Morrison’s off-the-wall ideas for plot and dialogue, and you’ll see why Klarion is easily my favorite of all the Seven Soldiers books out right now.

“I showed him a television and he laughed and laughed, then became violently sick.”

Grant has really taken the time to imagine what kind of reactions someone from the outside would have to our world, specifically someone from the type of environment that Klarion has grown up in. While everyday pieces of technology astound and amaze him, he still has sense enough to be aware of people’s true intentions, so he doesn’t let himself be duped, which was something that I was worried might happen once he got topside. My only complaint about this issue is that I would like to have seen more of Klarion and less of the supporting cast, but perhaps I’m just being greedy. I just couldn’t get enough of Klarion’s wide-eyed, open-mouthed amazement last issue.

I only wish the mini series had been stretched out longer because I wanted to see Klarion experience much more of the outside world, as well as have more adventures on the way up. We do, however, now get to look forward to a reverse situation in issue four, where we will see how outsiders react to Klarion’s village and their very unique ways!

Irving’s art throughout this series is really on the level of something you could hang in your home (depending on your decorative tastes, of course). It really is what drives me to look forward to each next issue, and I sincerely hope he continues on either an ongoing of Klarion or something along those same lines once this mini series has finished.

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