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Manhunter #13

Posted: Monday, August 22, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artists: Brad Walker (p), Jimmy Palmiotti (i)

Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.50

Kate Spencer, the current Manhunter, is captured by Mark Shaw, a former Manhunter. Shaw suffers from a severe split personality where he becomes his arch-nemesis Dumas. He switches between the two minds while fighting Spencer. Meanwhile, Spencerís friend and Cameron Chase, agent of the DEO, learn the history of Manhunters and attract the attention of Brother I. It activates OMAC units to find them and Shaw.

I would not call this a ďjumping onĒ issue. Itís the fourth part of a 5-part story, the regular art team is out, and the issueís focus is on history instead of the heroine. Of course, I knew none of this going in. I only bought this issue for one reason: Cameron Chase.

Cameron Chase starred in Chase, written by D. Curtis Johnson and drawn by J. H. Williams III and Mick Gray, who also created the character. Chase was a private detective hired by the Dept. of Extranormal Operations, the government bureau for all things superhuman. Its director is Mr. Bones, formerly of Infinity Inc. The DEO supposedly monitors all superhuman activity, as well as locates children with latent powers. But there was a secret side to the organization, one that was never revealed. Chase ended after 10 issues and a "DC 1,000,000" tie-in. Cameron later appeared in "Secret Files and Origins" books and Martian Manhunter. In those stories, it was hinted that something rotten was going on at the DEO.

So now we have a story where Chase still suspects the DEO is involved in criminal activity, and the bureauís files on Manhunters are connected to The OMAC Project. Could Max Lord and Checkmate have been working with the DEO (or elements within it) to further their plans to eliminate superhumans? And what role can Chase play, the daughter of a crimefighter and possessing the ability to negate superpowers? Seems like a natural player in OMAC Project to me.

The art in this issue is better than average. The fight between Spencer and Shaw is entertaining. The back and forth between Chase and Spencerís unnamed friend is funny and keeps the Manhunter history interesting. Iíll be picking up the next issue. Hopefully it will have more of Kate Spencer. But right now, this series is looking to be as good as everyone says it is.

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