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Just Another Name #2

Posted: Tuesday, August 23, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer/Artist: Kevin Gleason

Publisher: Crossroads Comics
Price: $3.00

Scott has finally started talking to Emma, a girl heís liked for weeks. Their first meeting goes so well, she invites him to a party. But Scott has Social Anxiety Disorder making him extremely uncomfortable around crowds.

I like this book, but it feels thin. Many panels are blank. More details creating a sense of location would have helped. Also, Scott looks a lot like his brother. The issue begins with the two of them talking. When Scott steps out of the story to talk to the reader, heís wearing a shirt similar to what his brother was wearing, but different from what he wore. I couldnít tell who it was for a minute. Drawing the two bothers more differently or just keeping Scott in the same shirt would have helped.

Aside from that, this is a sweet story about the first days of love. The dialogue is honest and personal. The storytelling style using the lead character to talk right to the audience helps lend the issue a personal touch. Personally, I think this kind of story works better as a graphic novel than a series of single issues. Gleason writes that he isnít planning to continue this story beyond a third issue. And thatís fine. Heís telling as much of the story that he wants.

Iíve seen Gleasonís work in Tales from the Pimp #3, and a mini-comic of his "Adventures in Retail," his online strip. I recommend reading more of his work at Crossroads Comics including his weekly "Retail" strip. This issue isnít bad, but it could be better.

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