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Cable & Deadpool #18

Posted: Thursday, August 25, 2005
By: Jason Cornwell

"Enema of the State, Part Four: Bringing Up Baby"

Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Artists: Patrick Zircher (p), UDON's M3th (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

"Edvard Munch's The Cable Reader"
The exposition-heavy exchanges were redundant, as long-time readers don’t need the story explained, and the explanation is far too convoluted for newbies to follow adequately, more an excuse to setup Deadpool’s punchlines and fourth wall breaches. Nate risks his life to cure Deadpool of the brainwashing the Black Box inflicted upon him, although there’s no real suspense (check out the name of the book). His half-hearted attempts at calming Deadpool's doubts were fun, and I hope the younger, more impressionable Cable will stick around for a while as Deadpool makes for a delightfully twisted bigger brother.

"Dr. Deadpool's Baby and Childcare"
To be honest, I’m only reading this book for Deadpool’s entertainment value, as the weightier storylines (is Cable too powerful to save the world, for example) always take a backseat to Deadpool dialogue and activities. This is no bad thing: for example, the playful poke that the final page takes at the O'Neil/Adams Green Arrow/Green Lantern road trip is a great gag, made even more amusing when one realizes that the set-up established Cannonball had already paid a visit for the same reason that Deadpool took notice of it. Deadpool’s tiny bladder also makes for a surprisingly resilient running gag.

"One, Two, Three ... Action Pose!"
Patrick Zircher is a very good artist, but occasionally allows his ‘90s roots to show (for example, the pin-up-esque action shot of X-Force). However, when telling the story he does a good job, such as the amusing opening double-pager with Deadpool chasing Cable. He also does well when the story takes a darker turn with Deadpool facing off against Nate and Siryn stepping in to protect him. The varying ages of Cable throughout the issue are well portrayed, there’s none of the typical “use the same character outline just make it a bit smaller” to indicate youth. A good job by the artist.

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