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Freshmen #1

Posted: Friday, August 26, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Hugh Sterbakov
Artists: Leonard Kirk (p), Andrew Pepoy (i)

Pub: Image/Top Cow
Price: $2.99 USD

10 college freshmen learn the hard realities of college social life before a weird energy gives them superpowers.

The credit “Co-created by Seth Green” is like “Wes Craven Presents”; their creative input is debatable. The art team sounds familiar, and they do a solid job. It’s a good set-up and introduction to the cast. Everything is told through the eyes of a girl who wonders why people always hide their true feelings. She later gets the power to inhabit people’s bodies. Other characters include a chubby girl who hides her pain, a lonely nerd, a lothario, a vegetarian who can hear plants, and a talking beaver.

And that’s where it lost me. We’ve got a talking beaver! This is definitely going in a silly direction. As it stands, it’s starting to look like another Gen 13. From what I’d read and heard about the series, I thought it was about the freshmen class at a superhero college. It’s really about the lowest rung of the college hierarchy becoming the most powerful kids on campus.

My college experience was nothing like what’s seen here. No wild frat parties, no humiliation from upperclassmen. Worst that happened were the riots in ’01. Cops came in with tear gas. I stayed in a neighbor’s room while it died down. So either I missed out on a lot of stuff back at Purdue (very likely), or this is just another collection of cliché experiences and characters thrown off-kilter by a dues ex machina.

Not bad, but not that great either.

By the way: Would an Amish family let their kid go to college in modern society? I doubt it.

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