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OMAC Project #5

Posted: Tuesday, August 30, 2005
By: John Hays

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artists: Jesus Saiz, Cliff Richards, Bob Wiacek

Publisher: DC Comics

OMACS are freaking out! Their leader is dead! Time for phase 2, and that can only spell trouble for Earth’s heroes. Wait though, because here comes the Giffen era Justice League, complete with Mary Marvel, conveniently throwing the recent "Formerly Known As" and "I Can’t Believe It’s Not" into continuity. The heroes seem to hold their own against the OMAC, leading two more into the fray. Things start to head south for our super friends, while back at Checkmate headquarters, Sasha starts to undergo some drastic alterations, and warns Bruce that things just got a LOT worse.

I’m really enjoying this mini series, which is odd for me to say being a huge fan of the JLI era. However, at least THIS death was heroic, and actually was written true to character, which is quite an accomplishment given the fact that this character hadn’t really been written SINCE the JLI days. The OMAC word strings continue to add to the intelligence level of the comic, forcing you to think about what its particular way of thinking means to our heroes. I still have to wonder though why the OMACS view heroes without special abilities as metas, such as Blue Beetle back in the first issue.

I also have to wonder just what else is behind their power if they have some “transmutation charge” that can change a Marvel hero back into her civilian identity. Will Rucka continue to have a “whatever suits the plot” beam, or will this be explained in the story later on?

Artwise it’s pretty good, nothing spectacular. The colors help a lot. I say this because the JLI heroes at times look more like caricatures of themselves, as opposed to the fully fleshed out characters like Sasha.

So is Brother One in Sasha now? If so, who’s controlling the OMACS? Will our heroes kill any more OMACS knowing innocent people are inside? What will happen? I know I’m hooked. If Rucka can keep this level of intrigue going into a regular series, then I think we’ll have a hit on our hands next year.

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