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Amelia Rules #14

Posted: Friday, September 2, 2005
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artist: Jim Gownley
Publisher: Renaissance

Amelia Rules somewhat suffers from being a continuing story combined with an occasional publishing schedule. Fortunately, it's not a crippling blow.

I don't really know why Reggie has it in for the Steves of the world. His explanation--shown in a hilarious Scott McCloud Understanding Comics parody doesn't really elucidate either, but does Reggie really need a reason? It's fairly clear that Reggie is Ralph from the Chuck Jones cartoons on speed.

Rhonda states her reasons plainly. Violet aka Ultraviolet clearly has some psychological issues, and the Ninjas apparently have a personal beef against the hapless Steve who may or may not deserve the pretty hilarious treatment he receives.

Gownley though does not just relate involved jokes and engage in sight gags pertaining to seriously cute kids without a reason. There's a very nasty little story developing in this book involving one of those cute kids, and Gownley treats that story honestly within the tone of a book that has never been afraid to tackle uncomfortable issues. Amelia's parents for instance are divorced. If I recall, Violet is on medication. She should be.

Amelia Rules continues to surprise and delight through artwork and storycrafting ability. Ironically, Amelia isn't exactly the star of this issue. Though it's clear that she's the catalyst of events to come.

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