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Seven Soldiers: Shining Knight #4

Posted: Monday, September 5, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Sir Grant Morrison
Artists: Sir Simone Bianchi, Squire Dave Stewart (colors)

Publisher: The Kingdom of DC Comics
Price: 2 and 99/100 pieces of gold

Sir Justin fights Sir Galahad, broken and corrupted by Sheeda queen Gloriana Tenebrae. The Godfather rides Vangaurd into a final mythological battle. And someone from Seven Soldiers #0 turns up alive.

Everything great youíve heard about this comic is true. Anyone who criticizes it is a narrow-minded bastard too ignorant to pull his bead from out his ass and stand up out of his own shit.

Itís that good.

Binachi fantasy art is an unqualified triumph in sequential storytelling. This is a beautiful world invaded by evil creatures. The Sheeda are various types of inhuman and monstrous. A universe shaped like a man rides a spider, leading an army of blue-skinned soldiers from 6 feet to 4 inches tall. These are monsters-resplendent in their cruelty and malice.

Morrison continues to entertain and surprise us by revealing Sir Justinís secret, and making connections to the other Seven Soldiers titles. These arenít obvious. If you havenít been reading Zatanna and Klarion, you wonít get them. But these connections arenít screamed out or made obvious. They come quietly and naturally. Thatís how cross-title continuity should be done.

I have only one complaint with this issue: It ends on a cliffhanger. Sir Justin prepares for a final battle with Gloriana, but instead we see the events leading up to the storyís beginning. You MUST read Seven Soldiers #1 to know what happens next. And that wonít come out until April.

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