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Green Lantern #4

Posted: Monday, September 5, 2005
By: John Hays

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ethan Van Sciver

Publisher: DC Comics

Green Lantern #4 starts a new storyline involving Hector Hammond and the introduction, or at least the mention, of a mysterious group that is supposedly behind not only Hectorís physical state, but perhaps other villainsí as well. While Hal is visiting Oa to check on Kilowog and the new GL recruits, he is called by General Stone to inspect a very strange finding at Edwards Air Force Base. This then leads to a confrontation with Hector Hammond where Hal learns new information about Hectorís past, as well as the past of another character that makes his presence known at the end of our story.

Iíll get the art comments out of the way early on. Iíve met Ethan, heís a great guy, and I like his art, but I think he would be better suited to the GL Recharge book, since that book will supposedly be very science-fiction oriented and deal with very unusual-looking Green Lanterns. I guess Ethan was appropriate for the first part of this story that took place on Oa, and I always enjoy his Hal Jordan, but I got over his bizarre and dark style pretty quickly this time out. I just prefer Pachecoís lighter style for the Hal Jordan GL book. I also greatly prefer the old school Kilowog to this version. That version of ĎWog just seemed more personable. Personal preference, I guess. I did get a kick out of Halís seeming transformation into Batman while interrogating Hammond. Good stuff there.

As far as Johnsí storyline, I like where it seems to be going, but I want to go ahead and get there! I want action, baby! Maybe Iím just getting tired of all these miniseries and new series with their 3 issue buildup to 1 final issue that actually has action in it. I think Iíll be happier when the Infinite Crisis finally kicks into high gear and we get all this buildup behind us, and I think thatís bleeding into my review for this issue.

Hal basically talks to Kilowog, talks to General Stone, and talks to Hector Hammond. Talk, talk, talk. Good dialogue, donít get me wrong, but this is Green Lantern! I want big Ďsplosions man! Hopefully weíll get more of that next issue, although it will take some great writing to convince me that some shark-man has any business trying to take on a Green Lantern. Fortunately, this is Geoff Johns weíre talking about. Great writing is his bread and butter.

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