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G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes Declassified #1

Posted: Tuesday, September 6, 2005
By: John Hays

Writer: Brandon Jerwa
Artists: Emiliano Santalucia

Publisher: Devilís Due Publishing

Snake Eyes Declassified tells the story ofÖofÖdamn, they got through the entire story without giving us his real name! I didnít even notice that the first time through! Regardless, it tells the story of a young man who enters the service in an effort to protect his family from the horrors of the world. In the process he learns that he must stay close to those he cares about if he ever hopes to save them from anything. Unfortunately, he is destined to learn this the hard way.

First of all, I must get this out of the wayÖTHAT COVER IS AWESOME! Iím talking "all time favorite cover" list awesome. Iíd buy a poster. So thereís that helping the comic book out before it's even opened.

The interior art is just as good, with the pencils reminding me of Dan Jurgens. The shading is also excellent and really adds depth. If there is to ever be a new animated series, this would be a good style to use.

Snake Eyes is a man of mystery, so you know youíre not going to find out every detail of his life, but his silence leads to distrust in his unit that is only diffused by a soldier who has served with Snake Eyes in the past. This same soldier saves his life, and is revealed to bear the red markings shown on the arm on the cover, leading me to believe that this will probably end up being Stormshadow. While Iím not familiar with the characters to the point of knowing who has what symbol on their arm, I do know that Stormshadow is Snake Eyesís nemesis and that they were former friends, so this is just a hunch. In fact, the feel of this origin story reminds me a bit of Marvelís Origin, the miniseries featuring the origin of Wolverine, in the way that it hardens a rather innocent person into the razor sharp warrior we all know and love. Plus Iíd love to see Snake Eyes and Wolverine tussle sometime!

I really felt the intense irony of how the story ends, and combining that with the cover to the next issue, (not as cool as the arm but you canít hit a home run every time) Iím hooked! Great stuff!

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