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Daredevil: Father #2

Posted: Tuesday, September 13, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer/Penciller: Joe Quesada
Inker: Danny Miki

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $2.99 USD

NYC is plagued by a new serial killer named ďJohnny Sockets,Ē named after his habit of taking peopleís eyes. Readers are presented with two suspects: Multimedia mogul Nero, and Sean Farrell, Matt Murdockís newest client. The Farrells want to sue New Jersey Power & Light for dumping toxic waste that gave Mrs. Farrell ovarian cancer and sterility. This has accelerated the breakdown of their relationship. Murdock suspects Sean of hiding something. He follows Sean from his house to the city, but is attacked by a new gang of superhumans.

Big props to Quesada and Miki for crafting a beautiful series. The contributions of colorist Richard Isanove are also vital to the bookís quality. They channel Frank Miller near the end with great success. Overall, it looks good. I also thought it was clever how Quesada made you think Nero was the killer. But a second reading shows heís just watching a news story about it. (And enjoying it a little too much.)

However, there are two serous problems I have with this issue, and one with the series so far. First, the two-page spread of the blind man was copied from the first issue. And the coloringís not as bright as its first use. I understand the need to get this series out on time and back on schedule, but thatís inexcusable.

Second, the cover. Look at it: DDís holding a floppy stick with string shooting out both ends. What the hell is that good for? And heís wearing two pouches on his legs, one of which has three clubs. I donít want to sound like a fanboy, but that is totally inaccurate and impractical. Daredevil has one club and one grapple hook that come together to form a blind manís cane. Itís a great disguise, itís practical, versatile, and requires a great deal of skill to use against armed criminals. If a guy can take down armed bandits with a rope and a stick, heís GOT to be the man! This cover is like giving the Punisher a bazooka in each hand, a knife in his mouth, and 2 dozen handguns hanging in his coat.

Finally, I just donít like how Quesada is drawing Daredevil. Heís too muscular. I know Quesada wanted to give him a wrestlerís build, but he looks like the freaking Hulk! And the kicker is, Matt Murdock doesnít look like that. He looks like the slim yet muscular character heís been for decades. Only when heís dressed as Daredevil, or when heís nude, does he ĎRoid up. Do street clothes negate his muscle expanding power?

I donít want to nitpick. Quesada is starting a fine story that involves secrets from Matt Murdockís past. It also has a character with ovarian cancer. My mother died from that in 1995. Iíd never heard of it before, and I applaud Quesada for giving it some public attention. There is so much to like about this comic, that itís sad there are these three major problems to distract me. If the next issue has a better cover, and doesnít recycle anymore art, Iíll give it .

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