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JSA #77

Posted: Monday, September 19, 2005
By: John Hays

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artists: Jim Fern (incorrectly attributed to Don Kramer on the cover) (p), Mick Gray (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Airwave, super heroic cousin to Hal Jordan, is being bombarded with radio transmissions from near and very far away. When he crashes into the JSAís headquarters, Alan Scott decides that his successor GL is the best person to call. This leads them deep into space in order to find the origin of these transmissions, where they find another hero thought to have died but really just abducted.

I have to say that the art, while still good enough to get by, was not the level that I am used to on this title, and I hope Don Kramer returns soon, or Leonard Kirk, or even Steve Sadowski. Those guys had great styles that were eerily similar to each other, and allowed the reader to focus on the story without being pulled away by the entrance of a new artist.

I also donít see why this issue is labeled as a Day of Vengeance tie-in, when it only hints at things taking place in Day of Vengeance, and is much closer to a Return of Donna Troy tie-in than anything else. However, DC has been making that mistake with a number of its titles, so I wonít single this issue out as unique in that respect.

I always enjoy it when Geoff brings another legacy hero into the JSA storylines, and this is no exception. This issue was all about legacy, since it featured two generations of Green Lanterns, and a second generation Airwave that just happened to be related to Hal Jordan.

While reading the Return of Donna Troy would help orient the reader as to what is going on with Donna and New Cronus, the verbage used by Donna in this issue, ďThey fled this universe declaring itís about to end,Ē gives the reader an idea that whatever happens with Donna and Airwave might end up being central to the coming Infinite Crisis, and thatís an exciting idea.

I just hope that, since Geoff is currently writing Green Lantern as well, he decides to bring Airwave into that title, since I think he would make a great supporting character there.

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