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JLA #118

Posted: Monday, September 19, 2005
By: John Hays

Writers: Geoff Johns, Allan Heinberg
Artists: Chris Batista (p), Mark Farmer (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

You couldn’t pay me not to review this issue. This is the issue I’ve been waiting for since the first issue of Identity Crisis. While J’onn continues to get his rear handed to him by Despero, another hero, who hasn’t made his presence felt ONCE since the start of Identity Crisis, FINALLY decides to help J’onn out. Meanwhile, the rest of the “league” (I still don’t understand why these guys suddenly think they’re the current league) decides to vote on whether or not to mind wipe the villains again. This leads to a surprising reaction from Zatanna, and an even more surprising turn of events for Despero, J’onn, and Aquaman, as well as a certain caped crusader.

It was great finally seeing Aquaman show up. I was wondering when he’d finally show his face in all this crisis-related stuff going on. I think he and Mark Waid have been sharing a beer somewhere waiting for the fireworks to really get going.

I also LOVE that Superman finally tried to talk some sense into the other heroes! It’s about time! While I’m not so sure about the wording of his line “And now we make the Society pay for the choices we’ve made? I don’t think so,” as if the villains wouldn’t be prosecuted anyway for trying to kill innocent people, I still agree that every hero must take personal responsibility for whatever happens to anyone around them due to their chosen professions, and that simply altering your enemies’ minds over and over again is not a responsible solution in any way, shape, or form. I’m just waiting for Carter to finally let it sink in that he’s not going to get his way this time, and that he’s going to have to FACE the problem instead of acting like it never happened.

The fight between Despero and J’onn and Aquaman was intense, and I guess they needed one more telepath to be able to handle Despero. I wasn’t aware of his ability to take over other people and give them third eyes, but I really enjoyed his reference WAY back to his first encounter with the league, using the chess piece names in the manner that he did. If nothing else, this will give Batman a chance to say something to Hawkman to the effect of “hey, you’re no different than Despero…you both altered my mind!” (Whether fair or not, you know Bats will be all too willing to make the analogy.)

This storyline is completely living up to my expectations, and helping to bring back some of the faith I had temporarily lost in my favorite writers and characters during Identity Crisis. I’m looking forward to how this ends, and how it plays into the upcoming Infinite Crisis.

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