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Lackluster World #2 & #3

Posted: Friday, September 23, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer/Artist/Publisher: Eric Adams
Price: $3.95

Herman Cogswell is having a bad week. He’s always tried to blend in with the crowd. But now he feels like that isn’t enough. His life feels empty and wasted. He looks at his friends and wonders what he ever saw in those people. This introspection began the day Fahrenheit Monahan painted body outlines on the street with the message, “Where were you the day you died?” Now “Cog” wears that message on a popular T-shirt. His boss was wearing it when he was suddenly killed in his office. And when he finds the people that caused his accident, Fahrenheit’s brother and sister, he finally vents his rage.

Fahrenheit is very happy.

The story of one man’s attempt to enlighten the masses continues with a vandalized Jesus, drinking, accidental death, virtual Godland, and the funniest use of the word “fuck” I’ve ever seen. Lackluster World follows Fahrenheit’s frustrated attempts at living a peaceful life without dealing with oppressive people like his brother, or idiots like his boss and co-worker. It also sees a change in Cogswell as he finally asks himself if he’s really happy, or even alive. Readers also develop sympathy for Fahrenheit’s sister Celsius who, despite her devotion to Jesus and her brother Kelvin, remains unhappy and lonely. Celsius is that rare character who can be cute and funny without annoying the piss out of you. And all of it is rendered in thick ink lines with every shade of grey. Great cartooning here that will make you smile before you even read the words.

At the very least, it’s inspired an awesome T-shirt.

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