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Supergirl #2

Posted: Monday, September 26, 2005
By: John Hays

Writer: Jeph Loeb
Artists: Ian Churchill (p), Norm Rapmund (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Supergirl decides to visit the Kents in an effort to find some semblance of family, but is intercepted by an irate Superboy who thinks sheís there because of him (for whatever reason). They fight a bit, and then the Teen Titans stop by and start fighting with everyone. At the end, another former Titan shows up and tells Supergirl she might have some answers for her.

Churchillís art on this series continues to impress, with plenty of opportunities for exciting splash pages. I also like how Supergirlís X-ray vision is depicted as sheís assessing the damage to Superboyís jaw. I never get tired of seeing how artists color Wonder Girlís magic lasso, giving it that yellow energy that looks like itís going to jump right off the page.

With regards to the writing, I enjoyed the back and forth between Supergirl and Superboy, but I really didnít get the reasoning behind the Titans attacking both young heroes. Perhaps something happened in the last issue of Titans that Iím not aware of, but thatís no reason to just rush in without thinking and just start blindly attacking two other good guys. Even when both characters had explained themselves, the fighting didnít stop. It took Starfire showing up with Robin and Kid Flash for the action to cease, and even then it was more because the issue had ended than anything else.

Overall, I had to take some bullets away from an otherwise positive review due to the lack of explanation for the attack by the Titans. It seemed forced, and should never have happened. Hopefully, this is just a speed bump in an otherwise solid series.

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