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JSA: Classified #3

Posted: Monday, September 26, 2005
By: John Hays

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artists: Amanda Conner (p), Jimmy Palmiotti (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Who is Power Girl? Weíre now three issues in, and nobody yet knows. Karen is desperate to know, and some gut instinct tells her to seek out the Huntress for help. Of course, Huntress isnít exactly a people person, so not much comes of this meeting, except for yet another series of invisible guests clamoring for Power Girl, claiming to be her relatives. By the end of the issue, Power Girl finally meets the one behind her current troubles, and his final statement is enough to make you gnash your teeth waiting for next month.

I canít do a lot more than mirror my statements from last month. Iím loving this story, loving the animation-style art, and absolutely canít wait until next month when this all finally comes together.

This has to be my first experience with Houngan. I had to look him up online, to find out that heís a member of the Brotherhood of Evil (which makes sense given the appearance of Plasmus as well), and that heís mainly been a Teen Titans villain. Neither villain lasts long this time out, though, especially once Power Girl arrives.

Geoff cleverly plays up the irony that these two one-time friends are now known as two of the most antisocial, quick-tempered superheroes around. If they were to permanently team up now, they would make a scary team, indeed. Geoff also does a great job playing up the fansí various theories as to Power Girlís origin, including being from the Crime Syndicateís Earth, being the daughter of Superboy and Wonder Girl, being from Kandor, being from the Phantom Zone, and being the daughter of Captain Marvel and Supergirl.

Luthorís presence at the end is surprising. He seems to be in the shadows of every storyline going on right now, and it will be interesting to see how his various endeavors might relate to each other. The Psycho Pirateís ending statement goes along with my continuing theory that Power Girl is really a holdover from the pre-Crisis Earth 2, and Iím really looking forward to seeing how Geoff might be able to take a sudden 180 degree turn from this in issue four just to mess with us once again.

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