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MU #4

Posted: Wednesday, September 28, 2005
By: John Hays

Writers: Manson Khan, Andrew Dabb
Artists: Mark Lee, Zack Suh

Publisher: Devils Due

I was given this issue gratis to review, and havenít read the first three issues. Therefore, I will use the back cover synopsis to explain what is going on so far:

ďTime is running out. Desperate to stop Secneumís return, Icarus Estro, Zak and Frin race toward the elven forests of Noria, hoping the faerie queen will come to their aid. Meanwhile, Antonias Kalain and his legions have discovered a long buried secret: the dead city of Kettuhotum. Once the capital of Mu, itís now a place of ghosts and memories, one which should never have been disturbed. Itís a race against time as battles are fought, friends are killed, futures are told, and, ultimately, the lost prophecy is fulfilled. But this is not the end, it is only the beginning.Ē

This was a good story, if a bit disconnected. I wasnít sure until the end whether or not I was reading two completely separate stories, one about a young hero destined to perish and the other about a warlord searching for new cities to conquer. However, once the warlord king struck an ancient statue, our heroes saw the destruction of the city from a distance, and the two stories were brought together.

This story evokes many different older tales, from the young hero channeling the Jedi Force in his attempts to slice melons in mid-air while blindfolded, to a man named Icarus losing his wings. The warlord king even looked like a main character from Warcraft 3, and I definitely saw a hint of Evil Lynn in his leading ladyís greedy stare.

This is another story (by the same writing and art team that produces Mega City 909) that would make a great game, but in this case the comic story isnít bad either, and Iím interested in seeing where it goes, especially after the appearance of a new and potentially greater threat on the last page. Good stuff!

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