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Y: The Last Man #37

Posted: Wednesday, September 28, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Brian K. Vaughn
Artists: Pia Guerra (p), Jose Marzan Jr. (i)

Publisher: DC Comics/Vertigo

Now that heís made it to Australia, Yorick is anxious to find his girlfriend, Beth. 355 and Dr. Mann feel itís more important to find Ampersand in Japan. 355 agrees to escort Yorick for one day to find clues to Bethís whereabouts. And wouldnít you know it--a tabloid reporter finds and photographs Yorick. As they say in Daredevil, the secret is out.

Of course, thatís only a fraction of whatís going on. Dr. Mann is showing romantic interest in the sailor from previous issues. Yorick is still angry about 355ís night with Mann. And violence is coming easier to 355. The seriesí premise draws you in. But itís the charactersí relationships and evolution that keeps you around. That, and the incredible artwork by Marsan & Guerra, returning to the series she helped create.

As a bonus, we get a preview of a new series called DMZ. Imagine if New York City was put under marshal law after 9/11, and Manhattan Island was sealed off from the world. Think Batman: No Manís Land, but seriously. Iím looking forward to it.

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