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Godland #3

Posted: Friday, September 30, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Tom Scioli

Publisher: Image
Price: $2.99 USD

The alien dog identifies himself as Maxim, an emissary of his people to witness the cosmic evolution foretold by Adam Archerís transformation. Neela Archer thinks back to the day Adam returned to Earth and their familyís lives changed forever. Her resentment towards Archer leads her to take on a mission intended for him.

This is a quieter issue than the first two. We get more of Archerís origin and stronger implications of what his empowerment means for the universe. Neela is shown to be jealous of Archerís status within the government. She hates being treated as his messenger when sheís had the same training as him. So itís a mix of pseudo-religion and personal conflict that sets up a background and drives the plot. Nice.

For those of you who dismiss this book for being a Kirby-clone, I say this: who else could draw a giant alien dog, space fetuses, superheroes, ordinary men and women and still make it look good? This is a book with big ideas, and it needs to be drawn in a big, epic style! This book kicks the ass of every book around it! This is a mighty comic!

So this issue wraps up the current story and sets up the next one. Simple, yet down well and with style.

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