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Posted: Saturday, October 1, 2005
By: Ray Tate

This film will astonish even fans of Joss Whedon’s previous work and specifically Firefly. Whedon composes his shots with a bigger budget, and not once do you feel like you're watching a mere--or even far above average television show.

As he did with series television, Whedon energizes the space opera with a far more creative use of camera angles. He spends time also in avoiding your expectations. When the story opens, you will not know where or when you are, and this unbalancing of the viewer continues throughout.

While also concentrating on the scale that has driven the humble Firefly to an epic stature, Whedon does not forget why Firefly succeeded in winning the hearts of fans. The multi-layered characterization comes though in the writing that effortlessly balances humor, drama and high-adrenaline action as well as the subtle acting abilities of the cast. Whedon furthermore attacks the very idea of empty-headed big budget films. There's a point to Serenity, and it takes the viewer by surprise.

Go and see this movie, and see how it's done.

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