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Witchblade #88

Posted: Tuesday, October 4, 2005
By: John Hays

Writer: Ron Marz
Artists: Michael Choi (p), Sal Regla (i)

Publisher: Image/Top Cow

Sara Pezzini has just been transferred to the main headquarters of the police force in an effort to allow her to patrol the entire city with no jurisdiction problems. While walking to work, she runs into the janitor from her old precinct whose granddaughter has gone missing. Sara talks Gleason, another officer with an office near hers, into going along with her to try and find the girl. They banter back and forth until they finally get a hot lead that leads them to a shocking revalation.

Since I donít usually follow Witchblade, I canít comment on how this issue compares to past ones, but as a standalone issue, it was pretty solid. Marz put real emotion into each moment, whether itís simple disgust at Gleason seeing the Witchblade doing its thing, or Saraís utter disgust and disappointment at what she eventually finds. Marz also does a good job padding the eventual blow by hinting at it with Gleasonís constant remarks regarding this type of case. Even though the reader might be upset by the ending, they canít really be shocked; instead more determined to expect a satisfying resolution in a future issue.

The art is solid in this issue, but doesnít really show anything extremely unique or spectacular. Thereís a bit of inconsistency in the panels, where in some cases a change of view is shown as a box within the main box, yet in others itís all the same panel and the readers must realize themselves that a change of view has taken place.

Overall itís a good issue, more character driven than action in this case. What surprises me is the next issue blurb, saying that the next issue will be part one of a three part story. This makes me think that they are going to bury the current storyline until after the upcoming arc, but I hope thatís not the case and that theyíre just using this as a type of prologue into the upcoming story. We shall see.

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