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Blood of the Demon #8

Posted: Saturday, October 8, 2005
By: Ray Tate

"Mind Games"

Writer/Artists: John Byrne, Will Pfeiffer(scripts), Dan Green(i), Alex Bleyaert(c)
Publisher: DC

Weeeeeelllllll, doggies! Blood of the Demon is the second John Byrne book this month that was completely unpredictable, in a fun competent way. IC of course intends to cancel the book.

We open with last issue’s weird cliffhanger. Radu sees visions of men and women in torment. Jason Blood begins his investigation and very soon the reader is buffeted through gorgeously and gorily detailed panels.

Blood drops into a James Bond movie opening—no I’ll not say which one—that turns into giallo by way of Brian Yuzna. When Etrigan manifests, the juicy and crispy violence begins.

Even the Demon becomes perplexed by his situation, but soon he just goes with the flow, literally, until time itself becomes out of joint—to paraphrase Shakespeare.

Etrigan acts fairly heroically this issue. This would seem to indicate Byrne has finally mitigated his infernal post-Crisis nature to its original level intended by Byrne way back in Action Comics. It’s once again a shame to see a worthy book go the way of other worthy books, but it’s nice to see Byrne has come full circle on the character.

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