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Glass Eye #1

Posted: Friday, October 14, 2005
By: Jim Kingman

Contributors: Bernie Mireault, Alan Barnard, Earl Geier, Larry Blake, Jim Siergey, John Migliore, Ron Kasman, Rick Taylor, and Mark Innes.

Editor: Mark Innes

Publisher: Blind Bat Press

We live in a world plagued by bad dreams, dull lives, the ravages of time, video games, the misinterpretation of historical figures, relentless pranksters, and zombie films. And thatís not such a bad thing when seen through a glass eye. Glass Eye is a black and white independent comic published by Blind Bat Press. Mark Innes is the publisher/editor and he has compiled short works of several fine creators into the kind of anthology only an independent comic can publish. I am very impressed by this debut. All the stories have their own voice and distinct feel and pacing, and each warrant several readings. Thereís an on-the-edge rawness displayed here. The tales donít lose direction, they draw you in, then bite with a point. I knew I was hooked when the worms in the first story started talking amongst themselves. And the rugged, rocky, untarnished-by-man landscape of the dinosaur world on the back cover took my breath away. Glass Eye is a book worth checking out.

For ordering information on Glass Eye #1 contact Blind Bat Press, Apt. 401, 21 Duke Street, Hamilton, Ontario, L8P 1WB Canada, or drop Mark an e-mail at Thereís also a web site you can visit:

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