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Top Ten: Beyond The Farthest Precinct #3

Posted: Friday, October 21, 2005
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Paul DiFilippo
Artists: Jerry Ordway, Jeromy Cox(c)
Publisher: DC

Another strong entry in the blotter, Top Ten begins as you think it will. The top cops walk off the job after the new cyborg Captain replaces classic Steve Traynor and institutes new, tougher policy changes to combat the war against terra'. It's important also to point out that there's super-powered conservative, and then there's real world conservative. The new chief seems a little discomfited by Kemlo and his wife until Kemlo confirms that they do share something however small in common.

A surprisingly moving speech by Kemlo--the super-intelligent Doberman--saves the police force. There's no real way to dance around the plot point, but the speech created by DiFilippo is good enough that knowing it occurs does not rob away any of its power. This sets the officers back on the beat.

Joe Pi, the Japanese giant robot archetype, goes undercover to track down the new source of robotic drugs. Given that the suppliers work out of Brainiac's ship and we can see the Dalek in the background loading boxes, the reader knows that this can't be good.

The god-fearing Peregrine discovers that her designer is anything but intelligent, and this sets up the story for some good slapstick comedy with the Hoodoo Priest, the voodoo based hero. While the scene is funny, it also observes what I have always found true. Those who believe the strongest are often the most fragile because the real world doesn't operate on godly intent.

Jackie Phantom and her mermaid partner star in the best and most humorous segment. The gals need a special kind of bait for the capture of the carnivorous Bayou Billy--a nasty, punk-level intelligent super-fish. Jerry Ordway makes him wonderfully Muppet-like. Just the sight of him sends one into fits, but the setup just increases the potency of the gag, and the cliffhanger further sends you into delirious giggles.

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