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Lost Squad #1

Posted: Tuesday, October 25, 2005
By: John Hays

Writer: Chris Kirby
Artist: Alan Robinson

Publisher: Devil's Due

Since this is a first issue, Iíll just throw the storyís own synopsis in here:

[i]Itís 1942, and the Allies have been vanquished from continental Europe. The German army has unleashed a new division of soldiers trained in the ways of magic, equipped with experimental weaponry, and bent on acquiring the worldís most powerful artifacts to defeat their enemies and rule the world. The Allies have scrambled to assemble a group of soldiers with special powers to fight a secret war against Hitlerís occult troops. They are The Lost Squad.[/i]

I like this idea, and think it has a lot of potential. The characters are engaging and unique, and the action is hot and heavy. My only issue is with the art. This bubbly, cartoony style is very distracting from the type of storytelling going on here. A more realistic style would help me identify the various characters, especially if theyíre just going to be called by their ranks. Color would help that as well, as seen on the cover.

Writing-wise, itís similar to most any wartime tale, like a Saving Private Ryan, in that we get to take a look at each character and how they interact with each other in the midst of combat, although we didnít see much of that here in that it was the first issue. If this title truly lives up to what it promises, then I would hope that it might end up being somewhat like DCís Light Brigade, which also was about soldiers dealing in the supernatural. This issue reminded me of that a bit when dealing with one of the seven seals of Revelations. If that ends up being the case, then I see big things for this series.

Overall, itís a pretty good issue, and Iím interested in seeing where itís going and if it can deliver on what it promises, but I would change the art style.

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