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Cry Wolf

Posted: Monday, October 31, 2005
By: John Hays

Writer: Doug Crill
Artist: Daniel J. Frey

Publisher: Open Book Press

Kurt Angelo is a detective in 1920’s Chicago. He’s just married the girl of his dreams, and is on his way to Borneo to find the son of a man who will pay him enough to set him up for life. However, things don’t turn out the way he’d hoped, and by the time he returns, his life has been changed forever.

This story evoked the old Gold Key Twilight Zone comic stories from years ago, where you never knew where the story was going, but you knew it was somewhere interesting. In this case, it moves from a seemingly hopeless tale of horror to the origin of a new kind of hero. While many hero origin stories deal in tragedy, this particular tale takes a popular old myth, that of the werewolf, and turns it on its ear to create a unique type of character not generally seen in today’s comics. In that sense, I can’t really point out another comic out right now that I can quickly relate this to, and I think that is a strong point for this particular tale, something to set it apart from everything else currently on the shelf.

The art is appropriate to the story, with its simplicity matching the simplicity of the time in which it takes place. While I normally prefer color, in this case the black and white look helps maintain the eerie mood of the piece. My only issue is when Kurt and Sijan shake hands…they’re using opposing hands instead of matching ones, so they’re not really shaking hands.

I like the idea of this origin story, and am interested in seeing if it carries into an ongoing series. I don’t know of many ongoing series set in the twenties, so the combination of the time period and the unique abilities of the main character could make for a successful series.

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